Acquire superior thread measurement capabilities

Unlike micrometers or optical comparators, the Thread-View® System is capable of measuring and recording a diverse range of thread characteristics for both thread gages and threaded products. On average, in one two-minute cycle, this revolutionary system will automatically measure and record the full set of geometries required for compliance to standard measurements.

Measured geometries

  • Major diameter (full form and truncated)
    • Leading and trailing angles
    • Included angle
  • Minor diameter
  • Lead
  • Lead over several threads
  • Pitch diameter
  • Root radius ("J" series threads)

Users Major Features and Benefits

  • Easy-To-Use, PC-Based User Interface
  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Repeatability
  • Assured Compliance

Easy-To-Use, PC-Based User Interface
Whether measuring a thread gage or threaded product, the operator simply answers a few questions so the system knows what min and max tolerance limits to compare against the actual measured values.

Significant Cost Savings

·10 times faster than conventional thread gage calibration methods
·More economical alternative to calibration outsourcers
·Self-contained inspection system eliminating the need for thread measuring wires, gage blocks and optical comparator charts
·Delivers a return on initial investment in less than one year
·Lease to own programs available - this offers significant cost savings

Increased Productivity

·Fastest calibration and inspection methods of thread gages or threaded products
·Frees up highly trained Metrologist for other more value added tasks or responsibilities
·Complete measurement and reporting cycles of up to 12 thread characteristics accomplished in less than two minutes per gage or product
·Operator remains available for other tasks as system is performing measurements
·Gage inventory always on-site, no waiting for outside calibrations

Increased Repeatability and Reproducibility

·Elimination of the human influence in the calibration in the calibration and inspection process
·Repeatability of ±15 micro inches (2 Sigma 99%)
·Recall feature from on-line database of calibration and thread standards and specifications assures utilization of correct inspection standard
·Eliminates operator bias or equipment variation in the measurement process
·Computer generated calibration and inspection reports to eliminate the possibility of transposition and report generation errors

Assured Compliance

·NIST traceable certifications generated at end of measurement cycle
·Immediate feedback on thread size and thread form facilitates analysis for improvement of overall product quality and process control capability
·System measurement resolution and capabilities far exceed industry standards
·Meets or exceeds the Inspection or Calibration requirements of FED-STD H-28 Section 20, ASME B1.1, B1.2, B1.3, inch standards, metric standards, SAE AS8879C (Category 1 and 2), United States Military and Government Standards, FAA and ISO specifications