Full-form thread measurement in under four minutes

Our flagship Thread-View® System - for external threads - is the first, fully automated, non-contact thread measurement system. Our automated vision-based measurement technology has redefined state-of-the-art in the measurement of Unified Thread Standard (UNC, UNF, UNEF and UNJ) external gage and product screw threads.

Immediate Applications:

  • Calibrate go/no go work and set thread plugs
  • Inspect new and in-service externally threaded fasteners and parts

Direct returns:

  • Improved accuracy and reliability of thread measurements
  • Strengthen process control over customer / industry compliance
  • Directly reduce costs (inspection, faulty product and repair)

Full-form Measurements to 15.2 micro inches: Our patented vision based system rapidly captures a finite image which our software translates into 12 distinct geometry measurements.


Hardened for Use: The Thread-View® System is fully-enclosed in a durable case, which makes it as useful in production centers or hangers as it is for a lab.


Thread-View® System- Major Features And Benefits

FastUnder 2 minute single measurement cycles
ThoroughMeasures all ASME and federal specification required parameters, not just pitch diameter
AccurateMeasures to +/- 26 microinches (99%)
Meets Industry StandardsANSI/ASME SAE B1.2 Tables 10 & 11, Metric B1.16M Tables 11, 12 & 13
NIST TraceableNIST traceable certifications automatically generated (inch and metric)
Improved RepeatabilityAutomation removes human influence in measurement process
Improved QualityCalibration, manufacture and critical part inspection
User FriendlyMinimal training required
DurableFully enclosed and protected from environmental elements
Calibration CertificateAutomatically generated; no manual data recording or entry
Cost EffectiveReduced sort, scrap, re-work & selective assembly costs