History Timeline


2008-2010 – Quest Metrology: Our Genesis

2008 - 2010

  • Work progresses internally on the commercialization of QC-30 built from R&D for NIST and US Army. New project strategy is to achieve a form factor that will give users a fully portable solution for API and then NPT thread forms.


  • QC-40 – Developed first for oil and gas industry as a Progressive Cavity Motor Stator Profiling tool. Expanded market application: QC-40’s unique characteristics to measure out of round ovality, is now being adapted for pipe and tubular goods production to check roundness of form.


  • Quest Integrity Group sale - (An energy asset engineering and inspection services company developed organically and through global acquisitions between 2001 and 2009 by QUEST) sold to public company TEAM, Inc. for cash plus stock. Company maintains autonomy of brand.
  • Strategy to direct incubation of new technology companies - the legacy of Flow Research -  is promoted in priority by QUEST management.


  • Quest Metrology, LLC spun out and established as new business platform to commercialize first of its kind portable API thread form profiler and grow the automation of thread form measurement.
    • August - Acquisition of select assets from Johnson Thread-View Systems, LLC. delivers addition of base vision-based automated thread inspection system around which to build next generation stationary OD and ID full-form thread measurement systems.

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