History Timeline


1988-2008 Technology Roots


  • Substantial success is achieved in the 1990s with laser profiling and ultrasonic technologies, particularly those that could measure internal and external geometries of cylindrical objects.
  • Company name changed to QUEST Integrated (QUEST). Focus shifts to precision measurement systems for manufacturing and defense customers.
  • First phase Research and Development of LOTIS (Laser Optic Triangulation Inspection System) technology commences.
  • FlowDril Corporation – Spin out to develop and market high-pressure downhole pumps and jet-assisted drilling technology for oil and gas exploration. Company technology is in industry trials.


  • QUEST tasked by the National Institute for Standards and Testing (NIST) precision to produce a high-precision tool for measuring the geometry of an inside threaded part or fastener.
  • LOTIS®  technology is applied as a foundational solution.


  • Waterjet International, Inc. – Spinout of Waterjet technology adapted to use in preparing extensive metallic surfaces for painting, particularly structures and vessels. Changed name to Surface Protection, Inc. and was subsequently sold to the Muelhan Group, a globally important surface protection concern.
  • QC-20 Hose Measurement System - QUEST develops an extremely accurate, laser-based measurement system to replace all conventional tools (plug gauges, pi tapes, etc.) used in the US automotive hose market.


  • LOTIS® 200-K Small Tube ID Measurement System. Developed for a classified application. Laser caliper reports 12 simultaneous radius measurements as probe moves through 2 feet depth of an 8mm diameter tube.


  • LOTIS® Tube Inspection System - QUEST develops and patents its LOTIS® technology. Quickly sets new standard for use to inspect and measure reformer tubes and boilers. Services division formed.
  • EUCLID™ - A self-compensating laser alignment system now used for both manufacturing and high energy research applications. Boeing uses systems in its 777 production lines to align fixturing within the fuselage.


  • Quest Tru-Tec, LLC – A novel JV is the outcome from a planned acquisition of Tru-Tec Services from Koch Chemical Technologies Group. New company Quest-Tru-Tec is formed combining QUEST LOTIS boiler and reformer assessment technologies with column and tower plant inspection of Tru-Tec Services. Formed company results in largest refining and chemical plant inspection company in North America.


  • QUEST acquires Magneto Optical Inspection (MOI) technology from PRI and continues development to optimize its application for U.S. Air Force aircraft inspections.


  • MPT, Ltd (Wellington and Brisbane) is purchased from New Zealand government and combined with SRT of Boulder, CO to form Quest Reliability, LLC with specializations in materials science and fracture mechanics.  The new company along with Quest TruTec are umbrellaed under Quest Integrity Group, LLC.  QUEST's global market footprint is expanded.
  • A unique R&D bridge is formed by QUEST with New Zealand’s Ministry of Science and Innovation (MSI) and its research arm, Industrial Research Labs (IRL).
  • MOI commercialized for civilian use rivet line aircraft inspections.

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